Oh Michael

May 22, 2006

A convincing argument why I should not be allowed to stay home alone for extended periods of time.

What was going to be an evening polishing my New Super Mario Bros. review and reading Dean Takahashi’s book turned into an endless hunt for ever-prettier desktop icons.

This image brought to you by WindowBlinds, Object Dock, and ReflexVision.

I blame my wife the dog aliens Steve Jobs.


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  1. And what kind of jerk then *links* to all of the shiney icons. Someone who wants to spread his addiction like delicious crack. or deadly virus. and why is ghostwriter repeating everything I type below? CREEPY! I made Terra watch Frankenhooker! :P

  2. looks sweet, although I don’t like halo so much, that I would put it on my desktop ;)

  3. btw, that reminds me, I used Window Blinds on my old pc. I loved it because it was my first glimpse at OS X. it kept crashing though. :p you will probably have better luck though since my computer had 4 G hd and 124 MB ram (i think) yeah yikes.

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