Random Encounter Table – Entertainment

May 20, 2006

Everyone has a metaphor for life. Mine is that life is a game. I play to win, to be sure, but sometimes it’s hard to know the score. For me, at least, I’m going to try to provide some documentation. Here’s a table from the past few weeks.
On a d20:

1-3: You read and enjoy a whole bunch of Amazing Spider-Man. Your thoughts on the new ‘Iron Spider’ costume are wholly favourable. The three golden spider legs that pop out of his back are particularly cool.

4-7: You listen to the 1up Yours Podcast for a few weeks in a row. Their coverage of E3 was far and away the most enjoyable part of that week. You think you and Luke may have been gamers seperated by birth.

8-10: You find a new podcast that you might even enjoy more than Taverncast. Called WoWCast, it deals with high-end stuff, which you’ve been interested in of late.

11-15: You play some more World of Warcraft, getting your long-time character up to 60 and working your alt up past 40. You’d forgotten how much fun a new horse is.

16-18: You watch Sneakers with your wife. She is as unimpressed with that movie as she is with all the movies you enjoy. You still love it, because of the strong (though cheesy) performances and vaguely Shadowrun atmosphere.

19-20: A great episode of Iron Chef America reminds you that you’ll soon have more surface space in your kitchen. You think you’re going to have to make gnocchi, now that you have rolling space.

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