I’m Not Dead Yet

May 13, 2006

Lo these many days later, and I’m basically back to form. Working while ill is probably the worst thing you can do, and as I’ve got no excuse not to work I find myself doing so basically every time I catch a disease. Luckily, I’ve found that the skewwed perceptions brought on by the ‘Quil is not an inherent barrier to posting stories.

In other areas, my life refuses to settle down into boring sameness. Katie and I have placed an application with a new apartement complex, and if it goes through we’ll be moving at the end of June. More space, a more attentive landlord, and a more interesting area of the city beckon us over there.

We’re hoping to start moving stuff into the apartment on the 27th, but we’ll probably be packed as of the 16th. Whyzat? On the 17th we fly off to California for a week of non-standard distractions in a city we don’t live in. I’m basically trying not to think about it, because every trip I’ve taken in the last year has been a huge hassle. This one is basically a vacation, despite the trip’s intention: seeing Matt Feldman get married. Hopefully the lack of stress-related mitigating factors will ensure an enjoyable experience for both of us.

That long away from games will probably be a good thing, too, as I’ve been up to my eyeballs in gameplay the last few weeks. During my illness of the last 7 days I’ve been enjoying the 360 a great deal, both with older (Halo 2) and newer (Tomb Raider) titles for the platform.

I’m quite pleased that E3 was so relaxed for me; The wonders of RSS made this year a far more tranquil experience than my first attempt to convey information about the event. No one cares, but here’s my scorecard for E306:

  • Sony: If you want to be industry leader, act like it. $600 console and games that look just as good as the $200 cheaper option do not say ‘dominating force’. I’m unimpressed by everything for the console except Heavenly Sword, and will need a lot of arm twisting to pay out for their offering come November.
  • Nintendo: Proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they know what they’re doing. Their console and the Wiimote control are going to take some getting used to, but the games are there, the 3rd party players seem to be there, and the gamers are definitely there.
  • Microsoft: The strongest showing between the three, a complete 180 from last year’s impression. Gears, Lost Planet, and Mass Effect are supremely powerful examples of next-gen gamery, I’m not even really thinking about my PC at this point.
  • Looking Forward To: In this order: Mass Effect, Gears of War, Spore, Legend of Zelda, Hellgate.
  • Biggest Suprise: My total conversion to the 360’s cause. I thought I was going to end the week an even bigger Wii cheerleader, but the consistently amazing vision shown by 360 developers is making me a believer.
  • Biggest Dissapointment: A toss-up between pretty much everything Sony showed except God of War 2, and the ridiculous coverage G4 did of the show.
  • I’m in Love: With Peter Moore, Bioware, and the 1up Yours Podcast.

Illness and distraction kept it short, but I did get out a brief look at FFXI and Guild Wars: Factions this week.

Mother’s Day shenanigans with the families tomorrow, as well as the first long session back from break for The Shackled City campaign. Break out your waders, kids: We’re going planewalking.

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