You Lose!

May 9, 2006

I failed dismally in the ‘not getting sick’ task. I’m sucking down Vitamin C and taking Dayquil, trying desperately to stay lucid on this, the second day of E3. I’m experiencing the conferences via Gamespot, not realtime, so I’m thankfully not in L.A. inflicting people with my plague. So far the Sony Conference and Final Fantasy XIII are the only real news items. Sony Conference, so freaking dissapointing.

I did manage to stay well enough over the weekend to do our first session of Shackled City in over a month, but only just. I basically collapsed coughing and dying right after the players left. Argh. Arrrrgh.

Must stay awake for Nintendo Conference. Must … stay … awake.


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  1. Rule #843: If you talk openly about how healthy you have been you will get sick. (See May 4 posting).

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