May 4, 2006

An update for the curious on current preoccupations –

  • Oblivion: I’m currently level 25 or so, over 48 hours of played time, leader of the thieves guild and working my way through the Dark Brotherhood.
  • Kingdom Hearts 2: Katie’s still playing through it, with occasional button mashing assistance from me. I like Mulan a lot.
  • FFXI, Tomb Raider, and Guild Wars: Games in the queue for review. Wanted to have Tomb Raider up for today, but it’s a no go.
  • Gaming Books: My review of a bunch of D&D and GURPS products went up on Slash Thursday.
  • Flickr: I’ve been moving over photos from my gallery at a slow pace. Slow, because as I’m moving I’m also pruning, titling, tagging, and describing. It’s resulting in fewer overall pictures but a more understandable experience. I hope.
  • Moving: Katie and I are heading to a new apartment this summer, and we’re just starting to work out the details. Next week we’re going to see a place we hope to sign a lease on, to start July 1.
  • Not being sick: I actually somehow have managed to avoid illness despite everyone else around me falling prey to the Spring goo. Very grateful for that. I attribute it to a concerted effort on my part to relax.

That last bit, the effort, has resulted in my getting less stuff done. And, in general, I don’t feel any less stressed. So for the time being I think I’m going to jump back into crazy work mode.

Especially for next week. E3 is next week. Like, wee.

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