April 28, 2006

Jamie was parsing through the tags on Slash, and was churning the permutations of ‘advertisement’ in the system. There were two hits for ‘zonkvertisement‘, so I wanted to see what I was selling. I’m apparently pimping the concept of the electro-defroster for cars, and Chinese President Hu Jintao.

Zonk (10:44): I had no idea.
Zonk (10:44): You would think that advertising for the president of china would pay better.
pudge (10:45): Zonk – you realize China is communist, right?  :)
Zonk (10:45): …
Zonk (10:45): damn.
pudge (10:46): you are paid in your love and devotion to the People’s Republic.
Zonk (10:46): I really should have considered this more carefully. This is what I get for signing a contract in a language I don’t read. 

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