Wine Is For Happiness

April 24, 2006

Last night Katie’s head wasn’t so good, so we spent some time relaxing and trying to get her headache under control before we hit the hay. We talked a little bit about high school, not something we do terribly often nowadays. When you’re a teenager, everything seems so vitally important. Looking back, I have a clarity of perspective on what happened then and there, and the present doesn’t reflect all that favorably on my past.

Just the same, I did manage to make some good decisions. Specifically, my decision to open myself up to people who would in time become members of my extended family in every way that matters. Joe has been a good friend for more than a decade, and Abby for almost as long. Along with the rest of the crewe that I mentally think of as ‘The Table’, I helped them tie the knot this weekend in as grand a fashion as you’d like.

As a group, we’ve had a lot of water under the bridge. A lot of things can happen in a decade, but yet we’re still here, doing our thing ten years later. We’re all busy people, and we all do our own thing. I see some folks more often than others, and I really wish I saw some folks more than I do. From conversations I’ve had with people lately and my own plans, I know that we’re not going to be all together in one place for terribly much longer.

Just the same, I am more grateful than I could ever express that I have the friends I do. The future holds what it will, but I know that if it goes bad people have my back. And I’ve got theirs.

I hope you’re having fun in Seattle, Jabby. Congratulations.

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