Killl The Doktorrrrr

April 18, 2006

Okay, don’t really.

We are all caught up with the Who, and I’m just as enthused about the series as I was during the first episode. The last episode, “Dalek”, just about made my head pop. I don’t know why people are rezzing old S/F shows and making them topical and good, but I’m not going to question it. Note to the universe: Red Dwarf is fine the way it is, please don’t try to improve it.

Cleaning went well yesterday. I can like, use my desk again. The kitchen is also now devoid of small scuttling life forms. The bastion of unclean that is our bedroom now needs to be assailed. We’re planning to use catapults. I also finished my metareview for Metroid, Tetris, and Brain Age. ‘A DS In Every Pot‘ may have been too vague for a title.

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