April 16, 2006

We lost power sometime before 8:30am. I know this, empirically, because our alarm didn’t go off. Thankfully, I guess, the loud noises associated with the storm woke me around 9. Happy Easter, you’re powerless! All that food you just bought will go rancid! Yay!

It’s almost 11 at this point, and we’re going to take our prep stuff for dessert and corn casserole to the Giacominis to prep it there. I have a thing about using knives in the dark. Crazy, I know.

At holidays I usually say something about my reaction to the spirit of the season and stuff, but I’m not really the right person to talk about Easter. In point of fact, I don’t really have feelings about Easter. I’m not Catholic or Christian, so it means nothing to me as a religious festival, and I find the whole bunny-chocolate-peep thing nauseating. Don’t get me wrong, I scarfed chocolate bunnies with the best of them when I was a kid, but at this point I’m really not a ‘sweets’ person. The occasional trip to ColdStone is about all I can handle on that end, and the thought of all that sugar in an Easter basket makes me oogie.

I’m still unsure about the Flickr/Gallery conundrum. I have to say, I like working with Flickr a lot better than Gallery. It turns out that my appreciation for MMOGs apparently extends to the ‘game’ of putting photos online. As much fun as I have tagging and describing my own stuff, it’s even more fun to click through tags I make to see what other people have put out there. Because of the easy way Flickr allows associations and groupings I’m also finding it very freeing; I don’t have to constantly be making new Galleries and stuff to organize things. Sets are much easier to work with, fluid you’d almost say, and the ‘overview’ screen is a great tool for forcing me to prune pictures. Indeed, if you look at my Flickr versions of some of the Galleries, they’re much more focused than the ‘everything and the kitchen sink’ approach over here.

I’m more than halfway through a combo review for Metroid Hunters/Tetris DS/Brain Age. Assuming we get power back sometime tonight, I should have that up on the site for Tuesday. I always jinx it when I say it like this, but I’m also going to go for a Kingdom Hearts 2 review this week. Mebbe even one more, but if that gets written up it’ll be happy times for me. I’m soo behind…


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