Photo System Choice

April 10, 2006

I need votes. Please make a comment with your opinions.

Do I stay with the Gallery system, or move over to Flickr?

Pros for Gallery:

  • No need to move photos.
  • Hosted locally on my server.

Pros for Flickr:

  • Tags
  • Participation in the web’s photo-gestalt.
  • More photo information.
  • Ease of use.

I’m very seriously considering this, and would greatly appreciate any assistance you can give me in this decision. Thanks.


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  1. Admittedly I am an uneducated voter, but I want to participate in the process.

    I like Flickr. It is really easy to use and the thumbnails are attractive. I however am not a licensed geek so maybe one of the brothers De Smet could weigh in.

  2. If you use Flickr, Jonathan Coulton could make a song about you.

  3. If Flickr were to get you to prune and comment your photos, I am all for you moving to it.

    Cons of moving to Flickr that your forgot:

    The inevitable ads that will appear as Yahoo realizes it needs to stop losing so much money supporting Flickr.
    Participation in the web’s photo-gestalt.
    Work done to add photo and information to Flickr is lost if you wish to move away from the service.

    And what do you mean by “More photo information”?

  4. I’ve been pretty happy with the gallery system you use…

  5. You set ME up on Flickr – if it’s not right for you, why didn’t you set me up with the best?

  6. I like Gallery. Flickr is great for people who don’t want to host their own images.

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