Back In Town … Oh Wait, No

April 6, 2006

My trip to Boston was a good experience. Challenging, in some ways, but a very fine experience. In a nutshell, we had some dinner, we had some meetings, and I sat on the floor of the Expo Hall for a fairly long day. My trip back was less eventful than my trip out, and I even managed to check out the New England Aquarium while I was out there. Please enjoy my numerous photos of adorable penguins.

There will be much more forthcoming from me on this site during the month of April. I’ve really, really, missed writing here. However, I have one last out of town event to attend to before I can settle back into my routine. Tomorrow we’re heading out into the great wide world for Joe’s expotition.

Wish us luck. There are Bears outside.

ps: Like my new glasses?


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  1. They look good!

  2. Be safe out there in bear country. Classes look great! Welcome home.

  3. While I loved the pictures of Gracie, she’s not a penguin. Where are the penguin pix? Don’t make me cry, because it’s not a pretty picture.

  4. Nice lookin’ specs you got yourself there on your face-o-tron. I was considering a pair very like those myself when I got new glasses recently. I ended up opting for something that made me look more like Gordon Freeman, though. Now, if only I can find an HEV suit, I’m good to go…

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