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April 2, 2006

I’m writing this sitting in the Dane County Airport.

I’m on a plane today. Again.

Today I’m off to the wild and wooly East Coast, my first time past the border of lovely Ohio. I’m told beantown is a nice place, and I’m hoping that I get a chance to see more of it than the airport, hotel, and convention center. No offense to Indianapolis, but I’m thinking Boston probably has more ‘stuff’ to offer than the home of the Speedway.

I’m going to LinuxWorld (LWCE), also a first for me. I’m really not sure what to think. I use OS X all the time, but my gaming rig is (shockingly) a Windows box. I know the WINE folks are doing some amazing things allowing you to emulate Windows under Linux, but considering the pace at which games are launched, I’m lucky if I can play them in a timely enough fashion even if they natively boot in the OS I’m running. What exactly I’m going to be doing at this event is still kinda murky to me. I’ve heard something about a ‘Slashdot Lounge’, which sounds kind of dire, and there was talk of meetings? So it goes. My only real complaint is that I’m moving from CDT to EDT, the day of the changeover. I’m losing two hours, essentially, because of the cruel whimsy of fate. Bah.

As long as I’m talking about work, two things ‘worth’ mentioning from this past weekend. Friday saw the posting of my Oblivion review, which I think turned out relatively well. I was crunching at the end, getting the thing sensical-sounding and as detailed as I could, because the game is just sooo damned big. Commentary on the piece was even mostly topical. There was a lot of complaining about technical glitches, though. I didn’t include them in my article because I didn’t encounter them once the entire time I played. Which, I’m happy about. Already spent enough time with that game, don’t need tech problems further mucking things about. Saturday was April 1st, and as with every year there was no real news posted from midnight to midnight, server time. (Which works out to about 6pm to 6pm CST.) This year the site was pretty pony pink. Fine by me, except for the constant ‘gay’ tags that showed up on the 04/01 stories. Not really a fan of that stuff.

Plans for thiscoming weekend are firming up. Joe’s turn through the rite of Bear Hunting is coming up. I’m really hoping he enjoys it, because we’re doing some stuff that’s definitely out of the norm for us. The travel agent really sold it for me, though: Greased weasel wrestling is apparently all the rage nowadays.

I’m not going to be as rushed this week (I really hope), so I expect to do more photography than I had the time for at GDC. This time I even remembered spare batteries, so I should be able to take pictures every day. Quite a concept.

My boarding call was just announced, so I’m off.

[Insert plane whooshing sound here]


The flight itself from Madison to Chicago was relatively uneventful. Landing, on the other hand, was one of the more white-knuckle experiences I’ve had on a plane. The missed approach was scarier, but this one was distinctly disconcerting. Instead of the slow and sedate descent I’ve come to expect from airline pilots, we didn’t so much descend as fall from our cruising altitude. My observation that we were going a little quickly into the landing was confirmed, when the pilot slammed on the brakes, hit the engines, and swerved from side to side on the runway trying to lose speed. The little plane we were on handled the exertions with ease, but it was very odd feeling a passenger airliner make maneuvers like you’d expect in a sports car.


I actually slept on the flight into Boston, which was a really nice change of pace. My lodging here is just a little bit nicer than the Holiday Inn Express back in San Jose. Just a touch. The view in the photo is being shot from the 29th floor. My room is very sparse; It’s almost an efficiency. Even still, it’s quite large and the bed is super comfortable. I’m down in the lobby as I finish up this entry, waiting for folks to come in on late flights. For some reason my interweb access isn’t working in the room. Frustrating, that.

Despite annoyanced, I’ve been keeping myself amused since I got into town. The concierge tipped me to a nice little bar near the hotel, where I got some food after a long day on the run. My only real problem is that it’s only 8:30 or so and I’m already tired again. I lost two hours in the translation from CST to CDT, and then another hour for the jump to EDT, and my brain is very confused. What else is new, I guess.


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  1. I’m glad you made it safe. Have a great time and please bring me home a Bird Jersey ;-)

  2. It’s good that your having a nice time. Hope you had fun on the airplane manuver. Those are always fun.

    You and Katie are missing family dinner for my b-day. Look in your schedule for a time when the two of you and me could have dinner together! It would be fun!

    Have fun in Boston!

  3. Yeah, good idea. I would like to go too!

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