I Can Be Serious Sometimes

March 30, 2006

I’m killing time at the moment, trying to congeal my 30-some hours of playtime with Oblivion into an understandable review. I’m really not sure how well it’s going to turn out … there’s just so much to the game.

Katie and I have had a wonderful week together, just spending some time with each other. I’ve been relaxing as much as I can, because I get on another plane on Sunday. We’ve spent a good amount of time talking future plans, and other serious matters. The takeaway we’ve had from our conversations is that we don’t really know what we’re doing after next year. :) We do know, however, that we’re going to be moving in August. We need more space, and a better way to use the space. Once I get back from Joe’s Bachelor Party we’re going to get on the trail to a new apartment.

We’ve been talking about a lot of things this week, and one things that’s featured heavily is our relationship. It’s been an experience for us, I think, over the last seven months to learn what being married means. When we initially got engaged, to a greater or lesser extent I viewed it as a formality. During the wedding planning process, the formality gained a gravity I hadn’t anticipated. The ‘ritual meant to symbolize our public declaration of commitment’ had become something a little bit more. The crystalizing moment, for me, was a really bad and overly dramatic experience we had with one of our ceremony vendors. It was, in point of fact, somewhat traumatizing. The upside to an otherwise bad situation was that our families rallied around us in a way that was … not unexpected per se, but very refreshing in its honesty and vigor. My mothers, my father, and Katie’s parents made it abundantly clear their feelings on the situation, and in doing so stated several times their confidence in us as a couple.

It was a … learning experience. What’s been interesting for me since then has been figuring out why they placed so much trust in us. That’s a little bit of what we’ve been doing for the past week. It’s been great thinking about what we mean to each other, while we’re making plans to help Abby and Joe do the celebration thing. Cuz, like, duh. If ever there was a couple that knew what they were about. :)

Anyway, less seriously, I’ve also been happily watching some new television. In particular, we’ve been watching episodes of a show on PBS entitled simply ‘Spy’. It’s a reality show, where ten regular folks get a crash course in some of the techniques that real intelligence officers use in the field. A lot of it is typical reality tv nonsense, but the ‘missions’ they’re sent on are tremendously entertaining. The last one involved sleazing their way into a business to get a photograph of a document in a private area. A pair had to come up with a cover story, get the photo, and get out. The businesses weren’t made aware of the exercise ahead of time, and if they were found out they’d be in quite real trouble. Good stuff.

Tomorrow, all things going well, should see my review of Oblivion on Slashdot. I’m hopping a plane for Boston this Sunday, for LinuxWorld, and next weekend is Joe’s Bachelor Party. Here’s hoping come April 9th, I’m still good for things like writing and talking. Blarg.


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