It’s Fun To Come Home

March 27, 2006

Last week went, on the whole, pretty damn well. I had more than a few frustrations on Thursday that sent me seeking sleep earlier than I would have liked. Wednesday and Friday, though, I had the chance to meet some very nice folks in person for the first or second time. I got to bump into Raph and Simon Carless again, sat through the Nintendo keynote with Alice (of Wonderland fame), wrote up the Sony keynote sitting between the Joystiq and Kotaku editors, and had lunch with Danc of Lost Garden and Grimwell of Grimwell Online. So, as I said last week, I basically won GDC. I even think the writeups were mostly well accepted.

That said, I’m so very glad to be home. I came home to find the following stack of games awaiting my ministrations: Ghost Recon Advanced Wars, Metroid Prime Hunters, Tetris DS, Burnout Revenge 360, and of course, Oblivion. The world of Tamriel, in Elder Scrolls IV, has seen the most play so far. I’m only about 10 hours into the staggeringly huge gameworld, but I’m well and truly hooked. It’s everything I loved about Morrowind, only better/tighter/more fun/simpler … That’s going to be a review for … Friday? Maybe? Burnout Revenge will be a quick and short piece, basically just talking about the experience as it is on the 360 as opposed to the Xbox. So, two pieces this week, assuming I can tear myself away from Oblivion enough to actually write about it.

Then I run into trouble. I’m heading to Boston on Sunday, so my hope is that by bringing along the DS and the games I have slated for that console I can keep up with this stack of gamery goodness on the road. I don’t know if that’s a realistic goal, but it’s a hope I have just the same.

Yesterday we wrapped up Chapter 5 of the Shackled City campaign, wandering into a no-man’s land that stretches between the early and mid-plot areas in the story. When we come back from the break in early May the players are going to have a nearly endless variety of options open to them, and it’s going to be interesting to see what plan they come up with over the break.


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  1. Hi,
    My name is Eric and I’m a french canadien from Montreal. I just want let you know that I read your blog since couples of months and it’s pretty cool! I like your blog and your wiki about Shackled city. Like you, I’m a Gamer and a GM and (by the way, we achieved chapter 5, and my players get bored of this adventure. We are now running Red Hand of Doom and man, you should read this its awesome.)

    I rarely write to blogger but keep to do your good job man! It’s fun to read!

    Good Day

    Eric Brousseau

  2. Thanks, Eric. I’ve got Red Hand of Doom sitting here on my stack of nerdery as well, and I agree it looks like a nice piece of work. I’ve really been impressed by the WoTC and Dungeon folks of late in crafting modules. It seems like, for a long time, D&D modules were barely more intuitive or well written than those from the era of ‘Border Peaks’, etc. The new stat blocks they use are very easy to read, and I really like the way they’ve opened up modules to more than just typical dungeon-crawling faire. I’ve also been very impressed with the ‘Age of Worms’ adventure path currently running in Dungeon. If they release that in a hardcover format, I plan on purchasing that as well. :)

    Glad you like the site, sir, and a good day to you as well.

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