March 23, 2006

Ugh. Very, very tired but I had a quite successful day here. As most folks who know me in person would probably agree, I am something of a homebody. I like the peepuls, but I also like the quiet times. I put on my meeting people hat in a big way today, and got to talk to some really neat folks. My business card art is the result. (boring ones were left out of the picture)

I’d relate more, but I’m pretty tired and need to catch some sleep. Tomorrow’s Nintendo event will probably end up being the big news from this conference, so I’m looking forward to that. Here’s hoping it goes well. Luck to you.


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  1. Don’t take this the wrong way or anything, buy Joystiq and Kotaku both have coolor business cards than you.

  2. Bah, I’ve never really like Kotaku’s logo. It tries too hard.

    While arty and all, I am curious about the colors of the cards. I somehow doubt that 2006 is the year of greyscale business cards.

    I gather you met Bruce Woodcock (based on the presence of the the MMOGCHART.COM business card)? For some reason I find that really cool. Probably because Bruce is an obsessive geek after my own heard.

    Good luck on your schmoozin’!

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