Lord of War

March 21, 2006

Gaah. I don’t know what it was. Maybe as I’ve gotten older my appreciation for Nick Cage has dimmed. Maybe the pointless drug use and marital infidelity, atop the senseless violence, blinded me to any good elements the movie had to offer. Maybe I just resented the poor advertising for the film.

Whatever it was, I found this film alternating between boring, annoying, and disgusting.

Nicholas Cage stars as a gun-runner who sells guns. The film revolves around his rise to power in the marketplace, and his eventual achievement of an almost untouchable status. Beyond the bounds of the ATF, the character ruins the lives of his family, his wife and child, and ends the life of his junkie brother.

Look, I get that the U.S. does a lot of gun supplying to third-world nations. Having a crazy President of Liberia as an important character was not needed. The whole thing felt like an elaborate setup for a payoff that never happened.

As a morality play, I guess I understand it, but it was a morality play couched in Hollywood ‘bread and circuses’. The lesson may have been the cruelty of reality, but most moviegoers probably came away with how much more glam the life of a gun-runner is than their own.

Waste of a couple hours of my night, and a waste of a Netflix rental.


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  1. I agree that it wasn’t a great film, but I support Hollywood’s recent effort with films like, Constant Gardener, Syriana, and Lord of War to look into the dirty underbelly of globalization.

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