A Stitch In Time

March 21, 2006

Andrew J. Robinson played the character Elim Garak on the Star Trek series Deep Space Nine. His dry, precise tones coupled with an acerbic attitude made the exiled Cardassian ‘tailor’ my favorite character on what is probably my favorite S/F show.

Little did I know, not only can he act but he can write too. ‘A Stitch in Time’ is the life story of the brave little tailor, told from the point of view of a series of letters to Julian Bashir. The book switches between elements from Elim’s past and the harsh reality of rebuilding Cardassia post-Dominion occupation.

I bought it expecting tripe, and was more than pleasantly surprised by what I found. The key, I think, is that I can hear every word spoken by Garak in Robinson’s dry voice. His understanding of Garak as a character from his portrayal has made Robinson the perfect chronicler of Elim’s past.

If you’re not a fan of Star Trek, no need to look here, but for folks who enjoyed the show it will not only provide a lot of answers to some tough questions. More than that, it paints a picture of a very emotionally complex man in a cold and unfeeling society. Elim does some terrible things in the course of his life, but in the end you’re left with the impression that he was a product of his society. Given the right circumstances (as shown in the show), he was able to contribute in a meaningful way to the betterment of the universe.

I greatly enjoyed this book, which was well worth the $2.57 (with shipping) that I paid for it.


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