At Least Some Oblivion

March 20, 2006

Oblivion, I guess, is getting into the store tonight, so I’ll be able to check that out a little bit before I sail beyond the horizon.

I leave early tomorrow for San Jose, and will be returning early in the morning on Saturday. No Shadowrun, regrettably, but Shackled City won’t be disrupted because of this trip. Both games will be on hiatus for the month of April, though, as me and mine gear up for another nuptuals ceremony. Joe and Abby tying the knot is teh yays!

The trip out should be quick, but since airlines don’t do real red-eye flights anymore I have a longish layover on the way back. I’m taking the following entertainment to ensure that I’m in a good mood and socially relaxed:

Expect updates about non-gaming stuff here all week, assuming I can drag my hands across Vorpals keys.


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