TavernCast Appearance

March 15, 2006

You can check out my appearance on Taverncast in their latest episode, Episode #20.

Here’s the blurb:

Our giant new show #20! A new OOC with a special guest, a new Arathi Basin segment, an interview with Michael Zenke from Slashdot, a big announcement, and much more! 

Their big announcement is that they’re hooking up with the PC Gamer Podcast. Here’s hoping that takes you good places folks. Many congratulations.


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  1. That has got to be the longest podcast I’ve ever listened to. They have nice production values, too. I can tell they cut some of your utterances ;P

    I’d probably listen to it again if I actually played WoW.

  2. Yeah, it was their 20th show so they went a little overboard on the length.

    They did cut out some of my hemming and hawwing, but I’d like to think I was relatively cogent. :)

  3. Well, I’ll never know, will I?

  4. […] Visit my brother’s post about his appearance on the show. Good work Mike! […]

  5. Ahh…the geek…it burns!!! :-) Nice job, I thought you did well, especially considering that the hosts monopolized the conversation. Have you had any other offers to be on podcasts?

  6. Hrrrm. We tried listening to it last night, but it kept crashing around Arathi Basin. Damn shame. But I liked it alot — made me sit in queue for awhile to satisfy a WoW craving.

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