Productive and Expensive

March 11, 2006

Katie and I headed out to the altar of capitalism that is Weste Towne mall today, and worshiped heartily. She got a skirt and a pair of pants, while I loaded up on doodads for GDC. Got some new pants and shirts, and a small wallet I’m going to use to hold business cards. Afterwards we hit up Cub Foods for the largest shopping expotition we’ve gone on in quite some time. We’ve been cooking a lot more recently, and realized that part of our reluctance on that front was the simple lack of stuff to cook with. So, that was remedied today.

You’re going to see ‘Moving Target’ appear again at the top of the list soon, as I’ve been working through the unnamed posts getting them squared away with titles and categories. I’m also adding some daylogs I evidently made to Everything2 once upon a time. That’s kind of weird.

This week, dishes will include Corn Chowder, Turkey Meatloaf and French Potato Salad, Spicy Peanut Chicken with Rice, and Buttery Shrimp with Rice.

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