Foggy Virginy Day

March 9, 2006

I’m more than a little bit tired today. I didn’t get out to the gym until late last night. It was a tired and bleery Michael that sat down at his computer to do some putzing around at around 2am. I had my headphones on, and was talking into my microphone. My voice was getting dry and I reached for my almost full cup of water. A normal person would have lifted the cup, moved it to his lips, and taken a drink.

Instead I essentially dumped the entire cup of water into my keyboard. At least my mother thinks I’m cool. I’ve got a backup keyboard, but I think I’m going to need a new one. Even after a thorough drying I get the sad beeps of an angry motherboard when I try to use it. A shame, too. I’ve been using that keyboard for years.

I netflixxed 40 Year Old Virgin last week, and today I had the chance to watch it. The movie was much better than I expected it to be. I’m not a big fan of modern comedies, but Steve Carell was really very good. The thing that made it for me was what usually makes a comedy for me: the supporting cast. Paul Rudd, Romany Malco, and Seth Rogen were what made the movie for me. Not only was the movie funny, but they depicted folks playing videogames in a realistic and respectful way. Bonus.

The thing that really made the film work for me was the respect the characters had for the fundamentally nice character Carell portrayed. The inherent mean-spirited nature of many modern comedies just shuts me down. If I can’t like or respect any of the characters in the movie, what’s the point of watching it? I call that my John Carpenter’s Vampires rule.

It’s been a pretty nice day, tiredness notwithstanding. It’s a very gloomy day outside; On my way back from the gym last night the fog was so thick it was like I was playing an FPS with a five year old video card. My draw distance was only about twenty feet in front of the car, and now that the sun is drawing down the mist is back. There’s nothing I like more than staying in and staying warm on a foggy, cold, rainy day.


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  1. I do love you…so sad that you washed your keyboard…so neat! so bad!



  2. Mom?

    Are you drunk? :)

  3. That sounded like a letter one of my Animal Crossing townsfolk would have sent me…

  4. She’s in Hawaii right now. I figure she’s just had too much sun. Love you too Mom! :)

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