Tamriel or Bust

March 6, 2006

I took the opportunity this weekend to actually attempt to enjoy my electronic entertainment. I succeeded, thankfully.

After last week’s sucess with the dragon, I went digging through Grodin’s bank and found a metric ton of stuff that I should have sold a long time ago. I made a little over 100 gold on the AH and dug whole-hog into my anemic tradeskills. I’m now up over 225 in engineering, and am over 200 in mining, fishing, and cooking. For a character as high level as Grodin that’s not really all that great, but it’s far better than it was even a week ago. I also played with Trust a little bit, my level 40ish Mage. She’s working the Badlands, and enjoying the crisping sound that vultures make when they kick it.

My soul vibrates with the upcoming launch of Oblivion, and to calm myself I’ve been playing Morrowind since last night. Alan returned my lent out copy to me, and I’ve been working an orcish fighter-type since then. For some reason, even though I’m really not a rogue type, the freedom of Bethesda’s games makes me want to steal things. When I played the game (many moons ago), I did so with a cat-beast thief; I’m planning to play the same character in Oblivion. Fighters, though, are one of the easier classes to use in the game. So, I’m exploring Tamriel on easy mode for the time being. While looking into old Morrowind, I found Arvil Bren’s Morrowind Journal, an ongoing set of tales within the game. If you’re interested, it will give you a sense of Tamriel’s history and backstory, and a sense of what playing Elder Scrolls III is like.

Some upcoming travel has also had me making plans. I’ll be leaving for San Jose on the 21st, and returning on the 25th. The week after I’m on a normal schedule, but on the 2nd I’m heading to Boston for Linuxworld. I’m going to be supporting fellow Slashfolk at the event. And drinking. Other than that, not really clear on the event. I’ll thankfully be returning on the 5th to give me a whole day or two of downtime before Joe’s bachelor party that weekend. wee.

Spring is always so busy.

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