Time Management On an Old House

February 25, 2006

One of my favorite PBS shows is This Old House. The show, which walks through the improvment and updating of a prexisting structure, goes into a ridiculous amount of detail  throughout the course of the build. We get to see  behind-the scenes details on everything from insulation to door hangings, and I find all of them more or less fascinating. Something that bugs me, though, is the occasionally non-sensical level of time commitment they put into certain segments. Today, for example, I watched almost ten minutes on the way that a small family-owned business cleans oriental rugs. Meanwhile, they completely glossed over the installation of an enormous bathtub and the setup of a beautiful master bath. The issue, there, is that the two segments were in different shows. My guess is that at the time the oriental rug episode entered production, they were at a delicate/busy time in the house’s renovation. They spent another 10 minutes during the rug episode on plastering the walls. It was interesting they had someone all the way from italy to do it, but this is something we’ve seen endlessly in previous episodes. We didn’t need yet another trowl lesson. Part of me wishes they did fewer intro/outro pieces on the job site, so that they could piece the entire season together as a cohesive whole. It’s still a great show, but the little extras on the website just aren’t enough to sate my interests in particular aspects of the build.

I still remember watching Norm and Bob Silva with my grandfather. I’m so glad they canned Bob.

Only a few interesting events left in this year’s Olympics. I’ll probably watch today’s footage if only so I can see Bode Miller blowing it.

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