I Appear To Be Human

February 22, 2006

Update: I appear to be okay. My toe hurts, and is tender, but it’s not a level of pain that I think comes anywhere near broken. We’re going to keep it taped up and I’m going to ‘take it easy’ for the near future. My reminder of my humanity was, I think, a good thing nonetheless. Tallyho.

Gaming went well tonight. I worried, at the back of my mind, about my wife. She had the first bad headache day she’s had in a while, and I found myself thinking about her quite a bit. Because my wife was in pain, I decided to head home instead of going to the gym.

I’m really glad I did, because I appear to have broken my toe. I was getting ready to leave for game when I blundered (as I have a tendency to do) into a stack of books in the living room. It hurt a lot, but I could still flex my toe and everything.

When I got home, I took off my sock because it was still hurting a little bit. There’s a red band around my toe. :( I’m full of ibuprofen and we’re going to tape the toe up tonight, as the on-duty nurse line person told us to do. If it doesn’t hurt tomorrow I’m just stupid. If it still hurts tomorrow, I’m stupid and out the money for an X-Ray.

Gaah. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but I have a really big hang-up about health. I really hate being sick, and the idea that I have a splintered bone is tweaking me out.


Thankfully, I have Tivo and the Olympics to keep me company while I’m couch-bound tonight. Tivo delivered unto me two great episodes of a pair of shows I’m very fond of. X-Play’s God-Fearing America episode is a slap in the face to the whiners who complain about social commentary on a gaming review show. It’s completely excellent, and features several hilarious moments. I especially recommend The Passion of the Christ 2: Judgement Day, a trailer for a film featuring teh Jesus.
I also got to watch a Daily Show featuring an interview with Sarah Vowell. Violet’s voice is one of my favorite opinionated ladies, and I highly recommend Assasination Vacation (which was just published in paperback).

The internets are also keeping me company. I’ve mentioned Concerned before, a comedic strip made using the Half-Life 2 engine. The creator of that comic linked recently to Apostasy, a much more serious comic made with the same technology. Both require an understanding of the Half-Life 2 game, but they’re also very good.

At the moment we’re watching the Olympics while my ibuprofen kicks in. Tuesday’s events include speed skating, bobsled, and the woman’s skate short program. Only a few days left for Olympics events, and I’m already missing my archfoe. I realized that the next time I see a Winter games, I’ll be 29 – turning 30 later that year.

The bottom line to both my first and last thoughts, I guess, is that I’m human. I’m getting older and apparently my bones are not laced with adimantium. This is lamentable in the extreme, and I plan on writing my congressman about it.

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