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February 21, 2006

First post of any signifigance with the new system. Not that I’m not used to it; I’ve been using WordPress 2.0 over on MMOG Nation for the last two months or so.

Sunday’s Game went ‘ok’. We finished out the remainder of the chapter, and I feel like I’m back at par. In the last three weeks we had a great game, a not-so-great game, and this week went just about right. Next week we start the Fifth Chapter. If you’ve played through the game before, you know that this is a good one. If you haven’t, you’ll just have to follow along and find out what happens.

As an aside, it is very interesting to see which chapters the players do and don’t like. I have my own favorites, but I think the biggest difference is in the author. Each Chapter in the game was originally a Dungeon adventure, and while there are repeating authors throughout the series the only chapters that abut that share an author are chapters one and two. The strengths and weaknesses of each chapter are identified easily by the players; Can’t wait to see what the think of what’s coming up.

On the Olympic front, we’ve been lagging a day behind because of other Tivo obligations. We did manage to catch Sunday‘s Ice Dancing hoopla, though. That really did look like it hurt. We’ll be watching Monday‘s footage today, to catch up with those finals, and today’s events will have to wait until Katie gets home from work tonight. I also have Shadowrun – good for what ails you.
I’m still working on everything on my list; I’ll updated once I get something done. I had to finally take a break last night and work some more on Half-Life 2. I’m winding my way through City 17 towards the game’s finale, and waiting with anticipation for Half-Life 2: Episode 1 (the reason for my third playthrough). Here’s hoping they provide a little more explination than the game’s ending does.

I’m not sure if anyone actually uses Windows Media Player, but if you do Alice over at the Wonderland blog pointed out some awesome Gaming-related skins for the program.

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