Geeks Make Good Fathers?

February 21, 2006

One day with WordPress and already I’m a reblogger.

A short list on an MSN Space blog has been making the rounds, giving Ten Reasons Why Geeks Make Good Fathers.
From the piece:

2. Videogames. Due to the whole Man-Child thing as stated in #1, the Geek loves video games. And he’s good at them too. My husband is the hit of all the kids’ friends because not only can he talk video games, he plays them too. If my children get “stuck” while playing their Gameboys and bring it to me for assistance, all I can do is feebly hold it and say ” Mommy doesn’t know how to play this.” Daddy, however, can beat the game. 

Eh. I’m not sure that playing Videogames makes you a good father. I have this one in spades, obviously (for better or worse, as a gamer I’ve certainly got a lot of practice). Just the same, despite #10 – Being Idolized is Good for Your Geek, I’m not sure that you can equate gaming proficiency with parental skillz. In fact, if the dork in question is too involved with gaming that can pose some serious problems with youngin’s. You have to have social bits and concentration and a sense of humor and patience and … you know, other stuff. Man cannot parent by geek alone.

Just the same, I have been told previously that I would make a good dad. Hmmph.


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  1. Legos are really cool…it’s nice to have a geek mom too. Remember, however, that children drool over keyboards and want their diaper changed during a Shadow Run marathon…I love geek sons :)

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