Snowboard Cross For the Win

February 17, 2006

Olympic history is awesome. Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching Seth Wescott get the very first olympic gold medal for Snowboard Cross. The Thursday pictures gallery has images of the day. I tell you, I find this even exhilirating. I may follow this sport in the intervening next year. The beauty of the tracks, the speed of the competetors, and the fact that they allow you to fight for your position. Freaking awesome.

Katie and I also did some home improvement bits. We put up some curtains, did some cleaning, that sort of thing. The curtains really give our bedroom a ‘completed’ look. We recently decided that if we can we’re going to stay here at our apartment complex for another year. We’re settling in for another good long stretch of time, and trying to figure out what elements would make the place even more homey.

I’m glad we stayed inside. We got a simply insane amount of snow yesterday. At one point it was actually thundering, lightening, and snowing all at the same time. That was a surreal stretch.

Today was considerably calmer. We watched the women’s cross event, as well as (sigh) ice dancing, Katie went to work, and I met the bros. De Smet for dinner and booze. I also purchased the shredding title: Guitar Hero. Play on, rocker. Play on.

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