Watch for Animals Crossing

February 15, 2006

I’m back on the ‘talking bout stuff’ trail, with a review of Animal Crossing and Electroplankton.

Today’s Olympics coverage was kind of lackluster. The BBC gallery for today can clue you in, but for the most part there was eh…. alot of curling. While I respect curlers, I’m more of a fan of the downhill events.

Spent a little bit of the day getting ducks in a row for the year. Besides finalizing GDC plans, I opened up some doors for myself. I hope. I’m going to have to see how these things pan out.

I’m not sure I ever mentioned it to you, but The Carnival of Gamers was at Slashdot Games at the beginning of the month. Regrettably, mostly the readers didn’t seem to understand what was going on. I hope the folks who participated got some decent traffic, at least.

Besides some dinner with Brian, the big do this evening was a Sunken Temple run with my World of Warcraft amigos. We went all the way through to the fight with Hakkar, and then decided to call it a night once his bony butt was taken care of. That knocks out three or four quests I’ve had sitting around for ages, so I’m pretty cheesed about that.

Many and fervent congratulations to Joe Rheaume and Erik Langkamp for their new places of employment. Friendly job demons for Abby, who’s trying to get the same result. I hope you folks have fun with your new workybits.

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