I Want To Learn How To Do Frontside 900s

February 13, 2006

A great day for Olympic-watchers. After I bonded with Chris Nandor this morning over curling, I got to enjoy some really great moments in other icy events. My favorite of the day has to be Kelly Clark’s all-out performance on the halfpipe. She didn’t medal (great performances from the rest of her team), but she had a jaw-dropping run before sitting down at the last minute. Pairs was another great moment for my new favorite world power, the Chinese, as they took silver and bronze underneath the unsurprising Russian gold. Joey Cheek, in the 500m speed skating event, gets points for best reaction to a great score. A really great day.

At home, I joined the 21st century by getting my first new cell phone since I got my first one back in 2003. It’s got a camera, I guess. Wee. Actually, it’s of much better quality than I’d anticipated. I’m going to look into the moblogging thing, see how that works out. Katie and I are also celebrating our six month anniversary today. We’ve been married for half a year and are both all kinds of alive. Only bobble: We’re both fighting something off. Blah. Here’s hoping we keep the creeping crud away this week.

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