Satisfying Saturday

February 11, 2006

Just a very nice day. I slept late, which is not something I do very often these days. Elijah came over during the day and we kicked it with some nerd music. Minibosses and MC Chris concerts from the PAX 2005 DVD set, and some Electroplankton. Thanks for coming over, Raj.

Then, at night, we headed over to Alan and Eva’s for a Mark De Smet-produced LARP. Entitled Queen of Spades, it was a ton of fun, with the usual murder and intrigue wrapped around a pretty solid plot and some good characters. I won’t say it’s the best game I’ve ever participated in, but considering I think this was Mark’s very first LARP running, it was a lot of fun. Didn’t hurt that I had some measure of success in my efforts!

Another successful day for Olympic competitors as well. BBC’s day in pictures has the highlights, which includes a dissapointing performance by downhill runner Hannah Kearney (who didn’t even make it into the finals), and Olympic history with a triple axle throw in pairs figureskating.

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