Small Happinesses

February 7, 2006

As much as I like big surprises and happy occasions, I’m also a fan of small things that are just neat. The Luxo blog asks a question that made me smile widely. What if Pixar, Disney, and Studio Ghibli collaborated on a project together? An American-style anime/animated/cg project with Pixar’s production quality, Disney’s marketing skills, and Ghibli’s artistic input? Wow. Totally not a sure thing, but it’s nice to dream.

More concretely, I just read that in this June’s edition of Dragon Magazine (Dragon #300), Ed Greenwood will be writing another article in the old (old old old) series ‘The Wizards Three’. The occasional tales of Elminster, Mordenkainen, and (insert guest wizard here) were always some of my favorite articles back in the day. I particularly enjoyed it back when Dalamar was (you know), alive.

Yes, I realize that’s almost hopelessly nerdy. If this comes as a surprise, you must be new here.

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