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February 6, 2006

The week of non-posting that preceded this little update (I believe) is one of the longest stretches of silence on this site since 2004. I blame President Bush. Seems like the popular thing to do right now. His ‘animal/man hybrid’ line in the State of the Union last week certainly didn’t win him any friends in the scientific community.

In any case, definitely back to the real world. While I have still been playing some WoW, I’ve got my work cap back on something fierce. I managed to follow up last week’s stellar gaming session with a thoroughly mediocre one. It was not uneventful, but the whole thing felt off. Here’s hoping I bring things back thiscoming Sunday. No SR this week or next as we tidy our lives and celebrate St. Hallmark’s Day.

I read Smartbomb this past weekend, for review on Slashdot. It was interesting to read, on many levels. As a history of the recent-and-longterm past of the videogame industry, I was already familiar with most of what story they had to tell. More than that, though, I had some weird disconnect moments. As a story centering around key individuals in the industry, I found myself able to envision what some of these people look and sound like. While I’ve never interviewed any of them, I’ve talked to a few of them in person. Many of the recent events detailed in the book I’ve had some firsthand experiences with (living in Washington at the time, the Xbox launch was a big deal). Most resonantly, the final chapter of the book focuses on, to date, the only industry event I’ve been to. GDC 2005 is used as the postscript to a tale that I was only just getting a bead on at the time. It’s slightly surreal to think about then vs. now through the lense of the book.

Have to thank Brian and Kat for a lovely wedding present, which we finally got to use this weekend. Learning is fun. Aaron had a much-belated housewarming party, which was very nice, also on Saturday. Good day. Next Saturday we go a-Larping here in Madison. I should probably review my character, on that note.

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