Happy Trails To You

January 30, 2006

After a fashion, this past weekend felt like the first ‘real’ weekend of the year. I had a very busy week, more than making up for any sense of slackeryness from the week before. New timetables, new projects, a lot of new energy output for the new year.

Saturday night we had a going away party for Ben Davenport, who is heading outward bound this Thursday. We had our usual fun, hanging with folks we’ve known for many years now. Ben made food for us, and it reminded me of the skillz that man has in the kitchen. Ladies, he’s single! I spent most of the night talking, but there were some games played by others, and some plans made. On the way home, I picked up Katie from Jeff and Viv’s place and ended up rocking out on Guitar Hero with Elijah for an audience. While my inability to align my fingering with my picking made me only a player of only passing skill, the musicians in the house put on a great show.

Ben will be landing in Zurich, where he’ll be writing about his experiences and taking copious pictures. Make sure and give his journal of his spanish adventure a look-see if you haven’t already done so.

Sunday’s game was, for me, the best gaming experience I’ve had during the course of the game. I might go so far as to say it was the best game session I’ve run. You can read Alan’s notes on the evening, but the notes don’t quite get across the sheer fun-ness of the events as they unfold. We were all in a good mood, we got some great roleplaying moments in, and we had an extraordinarily tense combat. A character was nearly ripped limb from limb by a dragon, saved only from a grisly demise by the strength of her anger. The Cormyr game was great, the first epic task I’d set myself as a GM since high school. Shackled City feels somehow weightier. The plot may have some holes, and once we get into the thick of it I’m going to have to do a lot of thinking on my feet, but I can honestly say I feel like running this game is special.

Tonight I finally managed to kick my streak from the last few weeks. The cards were coming to me all night, and when they weren’t coming I did a good job of getting out while the getting was good. According to Alan’s results page it’s been six games since I had a decent showing. About fricking time. All I can say is, this is why we don’t play for money.

This week: Electroplankton on Wednesday (for real this time). That’s the only thing I’m relatively sure I can nail, so that’s all I’ll mention. Tomorrow should be SR, with a wedding gift and a housewarming party scheduled for Saturday.

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