The Muse And I Have Words

January 24, 2006

Sunday was a very, very long roleplaying-oriented session. I’m glad we have RP heavy sessions every once in a while, but I think I may have let the length screw me up. In fact, I think I bored my players, which is like Rule #1 in the ‘Book of stuff GMs shouldn’t do.’ If I did, I apologize. Tarik’s Company were lauded for their bravery at the annual Demonskar Ball, and there was a good deal of in-character romance. This level of character relationship building with NPCs is new for me, and I’m still struggling with how do deal with it. This week I’m trying to handwave through about a month and a half’s worth of time with the players. I’m not sure how well it’s going to go.

Yesterday I did some shopping. While on the upside I bought two Star Wars DVDs (Episodes I and III, finishing my collection), I very boringly purchased tax and finance software as well. I am officially a boring old man. Bah.

Tonight the Shadowrun players wrapped up their time in San Francisco via a violent encounter with the Yakuza. They don’t really know why the Yaks were doing what they were doing there, but they’re sure it’s not good. They’ve (wisely, I think) moved themselves back to the Seattle area for the moment. Some perspective will give them clarity, I’m sure.

Still playing lots of WoW, but it’s really cutting into my writing time. As a result, the voice that pops up when I put fingers to keyboard has been laying into me pretty harshly of …

“Why the hell aren’t you writing a review for Electroplankton, you jackass?”, he interrupts.

“Silithus and War Effort and Felwood and level 57…”, I babble. He responds harshly.

“Shut. Up. Just put down your epeen and step away from the dwarf. Go write about something. Anything. You finally found your voice and you’re not using me, you inordinate dork. If you want to write about Massive games, that’s fine. You’ve even got that site that you spent so much time setting up. Go write something there about the relative attractiveness of Tauren or something.”

“Bah. No one is even reading the damn thing. No one reads this stupid thing either, for that matter.”

Eye rolling. “OMG. By the curls on Mark Twain’s beard you hapless git, it doesn’t matter. You write. It’s what you do. It’s that thing that you do when you’re doing things. If you’re doing something else, you’re thinking about what you could be writing. You’re happy when you write. You’re especially happy when you get to write about things you’re interested in. See, you’re smiling because you’re talking about writing. Stop using me as some sort of public inner dialogue and put me back to work!”

Oh fine.

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