What a Week it has Been

January 22, 2006

This would be, according the calendar, the first day of the fourth week of 2006. Already, I’m wondering why I wanted 2005 to move on. I was so looking forward to 2006.

This week has been … long. It was one of those weird experiences where I constantly found myself doing stuff, but didn’t get a single thing done.

As a capper, I had a truly surreal 36 hours this weekend. Friday night, the snow was heavy enough for us to notice. It wasn’t something we thought twice about, though. This is Wisconsin, after all. Katie headed out for work around 4:30. At 4:49, I got a call from her. She was in a ditch. Thankfully, she and the car were fine. An accident had happened right in front of her, and she was left with the choice of a car’s rear-end or the ditch. She chose … wisely.

In the dark, near an accident, while it’s snowing heavily, is not the best time to get a car out of a ditch. We tried, but didn’t get anywhere. We left it overnight, and Saturday morning saw us there bright and early. Katie’s dad and I used the age-old forces of kitty litter and simple machines against the stupidity of snow. We won on the first try.

Saturday during the day saw us at Katie’s folks place, at Barnes and Noble (Katie worked again last night), at a Chinese place with my family for dinner, and at Alan De Smet’s for another game of Descent. Again, got nothing really constructive done. But, what the hell.

I’ve gone deep into the belly of World of Warcraft, and I’m not coming back. I need to play a game to have fun, and I’m finding a lot of enjoyment in content that I’ve never seen before. I’m also having a lot of fun playing with my wife. We’re pushing 15 with our Druid/Rogue duo. I’ve also decided to bite the bullet, and have joined another guild. The Concillium seems like a nice group of folks.They hold regular events, and I’m looking forward to finally enjoying the fruits of my labour.

Oh! Almost forgot; We did get one thing accomplished this week. The eternally kind Mr. Langkamp has lent us use of an armchair. I’m actually sitting in it as I type this, and the comfort level is quite high. Thanks for being a keen human, sir.

Folks should just be showing up for game, so I’ll wrap up.

This week: Book Review Monday, SR on Tuesday, Game Review and WoW on Wednesday, Editorial Friday.

Here’s hoping even half of that gets done.

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