Games Aren’t All Just Video-Based

January 18, 2006

In the last four days we’ve gotten back into both of my ongoing campaigns. We wrapped up chapter three in the Dungeons and Dragons Shackled City game on Sunday, with the heroes wiping up the last of the dungeon’s denizens in an effective series of sweeps. They’ve returned to the city of Cauldron with the missing wands and a buttload of loot. Next week we’re going to be spending that loot, advancing time, roleplaying, and generally making the players feel good about characters I have horrible plans for.

Yesterday we reopened the box on the Shadowrun campaign, ‘Metahistorical Evidence’. The players finished their second run with some canon-inspired flourishing. One man’s Deus Ex Machina is another’s plot-device, is all I have to say. Next week they’re starting with a fight and will likely start to figure out why the campaign is named the way it is.

Otherwise a fairly standard weekend. Monday was MLK Jr.’s day, and as a result my hooky-playing friends and I enjoyed the dungeon-crawling goodness of Descent. I have to say, I’m really digging on Fantasy Flight’s work. It’s nice that we have a boardgame maker here in the states now … all those Germans and their smarm because of Settlers was getting old.

Editorial for Slashdot on Friday. That should be entertaining.

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