Lady Luck Kicks Me In The Jimmies

January 11, 2006

Yet another night of loss and destruction at the hand of Lady Luck. I actually caught a couple of hands tonight, thankfully, unlike the last few sessions where I couldn’t pay for a pair. I had a couple of hands early that put me up over 150. And that was where I stopped. I ended the night at 49. Feh.

My review of Dead or Alive 4 went up today, and there was actually some interesting discussion there. (Please ignore the posts asking for me to talk about boobies.) Specifically, this user who asked me what I was playing on when I reviewed the game. I don’t neccessarily agree with his point, but it’s an interesting question. I have a feeling I’m going to run into that alot, at least in the near future, with next-gen games. Call of Duty 2 is the only game that has really impressed the heck out of me on the 360 so far, and it’s also a PC game. I’m reasonably certain that I could have gotten a similar experience on my gaming rig, playing the same exact game. I’m looking forward to the first truly 360-specific experience that beheads my expectations.

Tomorrow we ditch the Christmas tree, and this weekend is our first session back into Shackled City since the Holiday Break. Next Tuesday we get back into SR. I am most pleased.

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