Power of the Word

January 10, 2006

Thanks to the day job, I read. A lot. Every day I figure I consume more than 14000 words, and even on days when all I do is edit stories (a rare day), I write around 2000. That’s a lot of flexing of the literature muscles. Despite all that reading and writing, the printed word has mostly been absent from my life lately. As part of a new focus on my sanity and health, I’ve been making myself go to bed about an hour earlier than I normally would. I use that hour to sit in my pajamas and read, and it’s proven most effective in de-stressing from the day.

I took a break from Quicksilver (I’m weak) to work on ‘Marked for Death’, an Eberron novel. It’s short, and (like the other Eberron novel I’ve read) surprisingly good. The WotC folks really did their best to start these series’ on the right foot, and I’m looking forward to chances to reading more of them.

My DOA 4 review for tomorrow looks like it’s going to be ready to go. I had a moment of inspiration today, a hook to hang commentary on. I’ll trial run it on Friday (everything aligning) and see how it works.

Reblog: From BoingBoing, A Washington State student has a random Garfield comic generator. It takes three random panels and puts them together. It’s surprisingly funny, sometimes deep, and always more humorous than the original comics.

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