New Year Funk

January 5, 2006

While my frustrations with Christmas are well documented, I hate the first week of the year too. Invariably, I’m left with a sense of opportunities missed, and reflections on what I should be doing in the upcoming year. While it’s nice to know what I have to work on, I have an entire year to work on in front of me. It’s daunting, and somewhat disheartening. I’ll be over it by this time next week, but as usual I’m dealing with it by doing my best to ‘relax’.

Relaxing this past week is also part of my continuing efforts to have off hours. My wife and friends have pointed out that spending all of my time writing, working, thinking about working or writing, and playing games for work may be unhealthy. Given the dearth of games at the beginning of the year, I’m taking the opportunity to read and do some gaming ‘for fun’.

Specifically, as I mentioned during the Christmas week, this has meant Star Wars Galaxies. I’m not sure how long my latest infatuation with the “Galaxy Far, Far Away” will last, but I’m really enjoying the NGE-style combat. It’s a fun changeup from the same-old same-old that was previously available, and the buckets of new content they’ve added are proving most interesting to wade through.

You’re allowed two characters per server now, and I’ve started a crafting alt to see what that gameplay is like post-NGE. Not very different, I’m finding. They’ve combined the crafting profs into four pared down classes, with each class covering two areas (structures and ships, for example). My Ithorian crafter Kitib is a Droids/Weapons Engineer. Before I can get to the meat of the class, though, I have to wade through a lot of lower-level stuff. It’s okay okay, but two years on I have to honestly say that I probably wouldn’t want to play a crafter as a main anymore. I enjoyed being a Mon Cal Tailor back in the day, but I just don’t have the time anymore.

We picked up Mutants and Masterminds yesterday, the Green Ronin d20 Supers setting. Katie is working on a Supers game, and has been fishing around for a rules set. The M&M rules are tremendously entertaining to read through, and I’m really looking forward to the chance to play under them. Hopefully come fall or so, I’ll be able to do that. I think after Shackled City winds down I’m going to take a hiatus from GMing for a bit. If the group is willing I’d like to finish the Eberron Modules campaign, but otherwise I’d really like to get the chance to be a player for a bit. Maybe, say, in a Call of Cthulu module? Or perhaps a Steampunk adventure I’ve heard so much about. We’ll see how the whole ‘player’ thing goes.

Yesterday was the start of a two-pack of poker sessions. I got my ass handed to me again. It’s been three sessions now since I’ve caught a single decent hand, and I’m getting pretty sick of it. We’re playing again tonight, because Ben’s brother Sam is in town and the playing is good. Here’s hoping I don’t suck as much as I have the last few games.

Relaxing can only last so long, so I’m thinking I’ll try and have a feature for tomorrow. A report card on Slashdot Games for 2005 can only lead to tragedy, so I’m planning on writing it. Looking ahead to the release schedule, looks like the only things really interesting for late January (because there’s nothing until then) is the next Tomb Raider title and Starcraft: Ghost … which I just realized I’m going to have to play on my PS2 because new Xbox games don’t work on the 360.


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  1. […] I had a blast. The NGE version of combat was engaging and understandable. While some of the legacy quests were a bore (and at CL 40 pretty easy), it was great hunting around to find new elements of the game to explore. I went through a good chunk of the Rage of the Wookies content, fought my way up the Imperial Pilot ranks, and explored a little bit of Mustafar. I even took the chance and re-associated myself with a PA. The folks over at the StarHawk Congomerate welcomed me in, and I spent a very fun evening a few days before Christmas dancing and enjoying the company of fellow Starsider players. I even did the tourist thing, finishing up the Jabba and Nym theme parks to go with my Imperial badge. […]

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