Holiday Day Off

December 27, 2005

Animal Crossing: Wild World, has been covering in depth here, here, and here. I am officially slacking today. I’ll have a feature for Friday (when no one will be reading, I’m sure), but until then it’s obsessive gaming-for-fun for me.

Yes, truly, after a year spent playing games I didn’t want to play (Evil Genius) or just plain was bored by (Nexus: The Jupiter Incident), I’m having a week of guilty pleasures playing nothing but fun stuff. I’ve actually been letting the 360 get some rest while I indulge my passion for MMOGs, and MMOG trial accounts. Star Wars Galaxies is still getting a lot of play, but I’ve upped a trial account for Eve Online … which, yes, is just as beautiful as that little screenshot would have you believe. Moreso, in fact, when it is in motion. I’m also as I type this downloading the Beta client for Dungeons and Dragons Online, so I’ll be getting my dungeoncrawl on today as well.

Christmas day was lovely, but busy. Katie and I pulled double duty again with the two families, spending about an hour and a half at each home in the morning and about two and a half hours at each home in the evening. It takes some of the Christmas cheer out of it to be running around, but we still had a very good time. We both got some very nice things from our relatives, and from each other. I got her a bunch of little things, but she seemed especially taken with the first season of He-Man, and the Teddy Bear Encyclopedia. She got me the Star Wars Wildlife Field Guide, which absolutely rules. I’ve wanted that book for well over a year, and it’s been a lot of fun to look through.

Not much to do this week other than rest, clean up the apartment, and get that story written for Friday. This weekend Saturday we’ve got a shindig at Jeff and Viv’s to go to, and I’m on duty both New Year’s eve and New Year’s day. Vorpal will have a Happy New Year with us, I think.

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