Merry Fishmas

December 24, 2005

A SWG Christmas Bash
A slow bin lead to a lazy Friday. I had most of the day scheduled out by about 11 am or so, and so I allowed myself the chance to take it easy, for once. Had lunch with Brian and Alan at Nam’s Noodles (yummy yummy fried rice), and then did some socializing on the online for much of the evening before I picked up Katie from work.

The online socializing: As you may or may not have noticed from XFire, I’ve been playing Star Wars Galaxies again this week. The recent New Game Experience changeup has fascinated me on a number of levels, and I really wanted to see it firsthand. It’s…interesting. Galaxies has always drawn me back into its orbit every three or four months. It’s the first MMOG I played with any level of seriousness (my flings with EQ and others prior to that limited to other people’s accounts), and I’ve always followed what has been going on in the universe a long time ago and far, far away with interest.

Today we’re finishing up wrapping, making dishes for dinner tomorrow, and heading out for a house-hopping tour of friends and family. In fact, we’re getting on our shoes to go out for the evening.

Merry C.


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  1. […] I had a blast. The NGE version of combat was engaging and understandable. While some of the legacy quests were a bore (and at CL 40 pretty easy), it was great hunting around to find new elements of the game to explore. I  went through a good chunk of the Rage of the Wookies content, fought my way up the Imperial Pilot ranks, and explored a little bit of Mustafar. I even took the chance and re-associated myself with a PA. The folks over at the StarHawk Congomerate welcomed me in, and I spent a very fun evening a few days before Christmas dancing and enjoying the company of fellow Starsider players. I even did the tourist thing, finishing up the Jabba and Nym theme parks to go with my Imperial badge. […]

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