The Games of Christmas Past

December 20, 2005

You may have noticed over the weekend I added The Escapist to the right-hand bar under the ‘writing’ heading. There’s a good reason for that. Today marks the publication of The Games of Christmas Past, my first Escapist article. Even a year after getting hired at Slashdot Games, I am still proud whenever something I write sees publication. Today’s article is the first piece I’ve written that really feels like it was published. Though my more persnickety layout buddies dislike the html version of The Escapist, I love the faux-magazine layout and I think they did a terrific job with the article. I particularly liked Super Mario 2 in the ‘memories’ book. I’m a Toad man in that game, by the by. Toad ftw. My only small, minor complaint with the entire experience: I really wanted to see Gordon Freeman on that last page in a Santa Hat. I suppose that’s what Photoshop is for, eh?

Tomorrow I’m going to have another, more descriptive article than my usual fare. More overview than review, I’m going to take a look at the Xbox 360 from the point of view of a Second Shipment buyer. When I got ahold of my console last week, I’d had plenty of time to consider what I should and shouldn’t buy. I also basically knew what to expect. In short, I have been pleasantly surprised by the experience. You can read that on Slashdot Games tomorrow.

I have a few more words about the Holidays in my writeup from my Everything2 days. How to Maintain the Spirit of Christmas in the face of Reality is my 2 cents on the spirit of the Holiday.

I’ll try to get in a few more posts over the weekend, but that may not be in the cards. We did finally get a tree yesterday, and the apartment is now looking quite suitably Holiday. Expect pictures in the Holiday album before the end of the week. Ensaddeningly, the Shackled City game is on hiatus until sometime in mid-January. Pesky players and their social lives.

Merry Christmas to all, if I don’t get the chance to say it again.

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