The Update From Abroad

December 17, 2005

Yesterday, I was working on my review of Dragon Quest during the morning , when I found myself falling asleep on my laptop. Blurry and out of it, I thought for some reason it would be a good idea to close another Textpad window I had open. Mmmm…discard changes. I hit the button and almost immediately sat bolt upright, realizing my mistake. I’d erased about an hour and a half’s worth of writing. Thankfully, I remembered what I said, but I’ll be honest, I think I peeled some paint with my sailor-level of swearity-swearing. At least I didn’t wake up Katie.

Ben Davenport is back from Spain, hence the topic of today’s post. In about two hours we’re heading over to Brian and Kat’s, where we’re going to get the lowdown on anecdotes from abroad, and plenty of slideshow action. We’re also slotted for dinner with humans and a movie with Viv. Should be a full day of goodness.

Last bit of Christmas shopping was resolved yesterday. I think I have one or two more bits to pick up, but for the most part we’re done this year. Money stretching made us say “We will be conservative with gifts this year”, but as always we ended up buying more presents than we originally thought we would. Damn the giving spirit, and humbug, says I.

Kong is still giving me my fun, but I’m enjoying Call of Duty 2 more. It’s been quite a while since I did the WWII thing, and me and my Russian buddies have been putting the hurt on Fritz but good. Damn Nazis. If there’s one thing you can rely on in videogames, its the Nazis. Allllways doing the evil.

Next week’s review schedule looks to consist of Prince of Persia: Two Thrones, Animal Crossing: Wild World, and an account of my second-shipment 360 experiences. Not in that order. Ahh, my DS. How I love thee.

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