Back in the Saddle

December 14, 2005

I’m back doing what I love doing: writing. Writer’s block is something you can’t shake when it gets ahold of you. Viv has some hilarious postings about what happens when her muse takes a holiday. Mine doesn’t even write or call. One morning I’ll wake up and be able to (like yesterday and today) work through a few thousand words in two hours. Some days I can’t even put enough words together to post here.

Holiday Gaming Potpourri is my first review since the end of November, but won’t be my last one this week. I should have a review of RPG-gone-stateside gem Dragon Quest VIII on Friday, and next week should (hopefully) be chok-ful of reviewing goodness.

I’ve been enjoying the 360 a great deal, during the spare moments I have to get in some playtime. King Kong has ended up being my first real foray into proper 360 gaming, and … it’s hard not to spill into hyperbole, but I’m going to have to get this down for a feature next week so I’ll start today. While the moment-to-moment graphical prowess of the 360 is not all that eye shatteringly different from the Xbox experience, there are moments spread throughout the game that literally make me stop dead in my tracks to suck in a breath. Staring up at the fire-lit spires of the wall the savages erected to keep Kong out of the village was an eyebrow popping moment. I’ve only played Call of Duty 2 for about half an hour so far, and almost my whole experience there was similar. As reluctant as I was to hop onto the next-gen bandwagon first thing, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my new toy. More well thought out explanations and explorations will be available next week on Slash.

This week has been like a tall drink of water after a thirsty interlude. Katie is doing much better, after wrestling with the Flu for the better part of last week. She’s back to work, and happy to be dealing with the grubby customers again. This past weekend we hit the bricks and started in on some serious cleaning. We’re reorganizing the apartment on a grand scale, sorting clothes and cleaning out the storage locker downstairs. It feels really good to get the place under control again, after the somewhat jungle-like environment of the post-wedding days.

Yesterday we had probably the most sucessful session of the Shadowrun game thus far. The team successfully executed a bag-and-grab plan with minimal injuries, snagged some new information from their captive, and fought off a feisty Earth spirit with head-crushing in mind. We’re on a several week break now because of logistical issues, but I’m just going to use it as time to get the story refined and my details more in order. Ahhh…SR, how I love thy dystopic lines and mana-enriched curves.

Tonight I bagged it big-time at the Poker game. I blame Elijah. He was giving me the Wisconsin stink-eye the whole night, and it messed up my game. That, or I was distracted and in too good a mood to really pay attention to what was going on. Either way I ended up 129 down from my 200 seed. Ow and double ow. I wasn’t sure I was going to go tonight because of the snowpocalypse we had here today, but the plows ended up doing their jobs admirably and it was actually easier getting home than it was getting to Aaron’s. Given the way I played, I should have stayed inside.

I’m pretty excited about life at the moment, though, so something like that isn’t going to be on my mind long. I’ve got several pieces of bacon going on the back burners, and while I’ve got several frustrations running through my head about work I’ve come to accept what’s what and where I am for the moment. As rewarding as my job is, I forgot that one of the keys to making yourself happy is to always make sure you’re doing something new. More details on this stuff later, I’m just happy to be thinking outside my little box again.

This weekend, Narnia, most likely, with Sunday game as per usual. My players spent several dozen emails discussing the game this week, so they’ll be well prepared for the Pseudonatural Mature Adult Black Dragon waiting for them in the depths of this dungeon. rarr.

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