Holiday Thanks

December 9, 2005

I didn’t say my Thanksgivings ala Viv at Thanksgiving, which is something that I usually do around this time of year. I’m feeling thoughtful, and I have a lot of things to thank for, so I’ll try to get some of that thanking out of the way.

At the end of the year, then, I am thankful for and indebted to

My Wife, for sanity and smiles. Nature and Nova (PBS). World of Warcraft. Raph Koster. Nobuo Uematsu and the Black Mages. My mother, for not only still being around but being kickass at the same time. Paul Zenke, and his phat public speaking skillz. F.E.A.R. Half-Life 2. Shadow of the Colossus. Alan De Smet, who keeps me honest. Eva Schiffer, for knocking me into a True Dungeon. Mark De Smet, who let me play TMNT. Tivo. The X-Files. Shackled City, we sell shackles and that’s all. Rob Morrow. Brian and Kathleen De Smet, for respectability and kindness. Abby Wanserski, for laughs and smiles. Joe Rheaume, for poking holes in my thinking. Terra, for just poking. City of Heroes/Villains. Zebras. GDC 05′. GenCon 05′. Blogger and WordPress. Simon Carless, for seeing a diamond in the rough. Rob Malda, for the hand out of the mud. Ben Davenport, for a tallness only matched by consideration. The Obarskis, for putting up with my wacky schemes and obvious youth. Spider-Man. Rich Burlew. Edge Magazine. Monk. Everyday Stranger. Wil Wheaton. Cleolinda Jones. Matt and Jeanine Kiefel, for going through baby-hell to be with us. Matt Feldman and Kirsten (Soon to be Married), for enduring my vaguely inebriated stories and stressed laughter at the Rehearsal Dinner. Shadowrun 4th Edition. Rob Boyle and Adam Jury. Antiques Roadshow. Anthony Bourdain. George Lucas, for finally getting it over with. Thunderbird. Verana and Meaglin Telemmaite. The Escapist. The 360, PS3, and Revolution, for ensuring I’m going to have a busy 2006. Jenno, for a stiff upper lip a Brit could admire. Aaron Pavao, for letting me fireball a bunch of stuff this year. Kristin Smith, for reading at my wedding with a British accent. Civilization IV. del.icio.us. StreamingSountracks. FireFly. 1up. Gamasutra. Manxome. Gracie. Peter and Elizabeth Giacomini, for welcoming me into their family with open arms. Guinness. Kirby’s Canvas Curse. Mario Kart DS. The Nintendo DS. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Gabe and Tycho.

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