Shall We Dance?

December 3, 2005

I’ve been hitting the gym more regularly the past week or so, and as such my iPod has seen a good deal more use. I’ve had one particular piece in my head, the rock version of Vamo’ Alla Flamenco. The piece, originally from Final Fantasy X and played hardcore by the Uematsu-tacular band Black Mages, is a beautiful piece set to backdrop a kickass fight scene.

Fighting, in general, is what I feel like I’ve been doing for the last month. October I was knocked out, a combination of post-wedding stress and disease putting me out of the fight as well as any well placed punch. Most of November has been spent with my stomach in knots as I clawed my way through reviews, third-party projects, rejection, one financial problem after the other, and 360-related dissapointment.

This week, begun by a sabbatical in Azeroth, has done wonders for my mental resources. I’m still going to be closing out the year with a lot of bugs to squash, but at least now I feel up to the task. While I will take credit for getting my shit together this week, Katie was a princess and a prize fighter all-in-one this week. She is officially the best wife evar. I love her. Not much more to say about that than that.

I’d normally mention things I’ve written or done this week at this point, but I couldn’t point out anything in specific that would be all that interesting. I worked on several things, most of which will see publication thiscoming week on Slash.

Instead, linkage:

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