Give Thanks For Azeroth

November 28, 2005

Frelling Holidays and their togetherness quotients. Bah.

Okay, that was harsh. I had a lovely Thanksgiving. I even took the holiday as a sign to lay low this weekend, and low laying I did. After a completely lovely evening with just Katie and myself on Wednesday, Thursday’s sociality was welcome. We had some delicious food (as always) at the Giacominis. With dogs looking on there was talk and nascent food-comas formed. When we left there, we headed over to my mother’s place. Mom’s place was hopping this year, with 18 people crammed into the living room and dining room areas. After our second dinner we played the movie game, and I held my own fairly well. Or so I’d like to think.

Friday Joe and Abby had us over to their place for A Very Hobbity Thanksgiving 2.0. We did a pot-luck, and the atmosphere was very much A Long Expected Party. Katie had to work, so Elijah was my date. We brought supporting players like cheese, wine, and and angel food cake. All in all the evening was as successful as it was tiring. Mr. Tiegs stuck around for lunch the next day, and it was three Zenkes (Katie, Paul, Me) who joined him. We had Perkins, the first time I’ve been there in some time. Not that I was missing much, but it’s nice to come home to old favorites.

When Elijah left that afternoon and Katie went to work, I dove headfirst into something I’ve been depriving myself of for weeks now. With patch 1.9 on the horizon (possibly even available for download tomorrow), I decided to throw myself back into World of Warcraft. I was already closish to 60, and I wanted the chance to familiarize myself with Grodin-as-he-was before I get the chance to remake him in the new Paladin mold. In 48 hours I went from level 51 to level 54. That may not sound like much, but that’s well over 300,000 experience points. I basically did nothing on Sunday but play WoW, pausing only for some dinner and to pay some attention to my lovely wife. Grodin is on track for the big six oh sometime before the new year. I hope. I didn’t make 60 before the one year anniversary of retail, but maybe I’ll make 60 before 2006.

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