End The Week

November 18, 2005

Ahh, the joys of a new machine. I’ll be honest: the shiny factor didn’t wear off. I’ve been really enjoying just puttering. And more than puttering … games look like teh awesome now. It’s going in the mail to coworker ScuttleMonkey but before it heads out, again ( see below), I’ve installed and played through the first few levels. Considering I couldn’t even play the game on Bandersnatch, it’s like a crazy fantasy playing it now. It’s scary and beautiful, not unlike HL2 but with a lot more mean-and-nasty. Playing through the beginning of Half-Life 2 for the third time is still not old. I’m a lot more sure of myself, obviously, but otherwise it’s just as fresh as it was the last time.

Everything looks better. City of Villains is absolutely magnificent, World of Warcraft isn’t phenomenally more beautiful, but the anti-aliasing has taken everything up a notch or two in crispness. Then… then there is Civ IV. I um….I have a problem there. Katie actually came home tonight from work, and I sort of missed the part where she came in and said hi to me. Because, you understand, as the leader of the German people it was imperative that I kept the despotic Romans and conniving Russians from infringing on our great people’s land. Review coming up on Wednesday. I hope I manage to get stuff done between now and then.

I will, of course. As per usual I have lots of stuff I’m aiming to get done this week. A Mario Kart review for Monday, and a review for The Movies for Friday are hopefully in the cards.

As for this past week, Wednesday night I allowed myself to be slaughtered at Poker with Aaron and Brian. My time spent playing the free tables at Pokerstars.com appears to be for naught so far. Thursday Katie and I had lunch with Alan and Brian at Ians. Damn that’s good pizza. Afterwards we picked up Alfred from the service center. His battery had gone and gotten leaky, so they cleaned up the corroded connections and hooked me up with a new battery. Money, but not nearly as bad as it could have been. Today Paul and I had lunch. Always nice to see the brother, and even moreso because we had a nice conversation over Bluephies.

I also checked in with the mail situation. Our new rural carrier was actually a problem all around. We found some mail returned to us that we thought had gone out. Unfun.

Tomorrow we’re going to be doing some figurine painting, perhaps. To be honest I’m considering staying home to write, because there are literally thousands of words I need to get out of my fingers in the next few days. Tough stuff. Sunday is Shackled City, playing a little bit longer than normal. We’re not able to get in a game next weekend, so we’re going long on the two weeks surrounding our off week. Going to be a roleplaying heavy session, finally, a nice break from the dungeon crunchiness. Next week is Thanksgiving. That means corn and stuffing and a tryptophan-induced nap. Ah, U.S. holidays.

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