Long Time The Manxome Foe He Sought

November 15, 2005

I’m typing this out on my new PC, Manxome. In the tradition of my first PC (Jabberwocky), the gaming rig Brian built for me a few years ago (Bandersnatch), and my laptop Vorpal, I’ve named my newest PC in the tradition of Lewis Carrol’s nonsense-word-filled poem. She is faster, a sleek and sexay black, and everything is going all cylinders. I’m still going through the slow process of getting all the software I want to onto her (my first girl PC, btw), but for the most part I’m a happy user. Thanks again to Brian for his assistance getting her innards in order.

The only casualty, I think, is 7 emails that I stupidly downloaded after I installed Thunderbird but before I imported my old email, and my Half-Life 2 game saves. That last is frustrating, as it represents a lot of time on my part but, eh… I’ll just have to replay the game again on my new rig. Truly a shame.

Alfred (my Saturn) found his way via tow truck to a service center today. I haven’t heard what the verdict is, but I’m hoping it will be something relatively minor. I really don’t need another money vortex in my life right now. In fact, I’ve had a really frustrating day.

We have our health, though, and I don’t have anything of substance to complain about.

Indeed, recent events have spurred me into taking a more aggressive stance on the independent projects front. I think I might be getting myself into some pleasant trouble. Here’s hoping things play out.

In the near future, I have an article I need to get written, hopefully by the end of this week. Let’s hope the shiny of a new PC will dull a little by Friday.

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