Bad Things Come In Threes

November 14, 2005

I had a right lovely weekend. It wasn’t terribly relaxed, but I saw humans and managed to get a lot accomplished. Saturday Mr. Davenport had folks over to wish him luck in his travels. If he’s reading this post today, he’s doing so from the nation of Spain. In Europe. Brunch was the order of the day on Saturday, and we had some nummy food made by the hands of Ben’s mom, who is a good person. Elijah was in town this weekend, and we made plans to do lunch on Sunday before gaming. I don’t want to turn this into a whine-fest, but grrr. The latest news in reality’s attempt to bankrupt me surrounds my dear old Saturn Alfred. I went to turn him over, to head over to Penera, and he just sort of sat there looking at me. It’s apparently a busy season for car trouble, so my car service place deferred me to tomorrow. Not happy. Very not happy.

I mostly didn’t think about it Sunday, though. We finished up the second chapter of Shackled City, with the players staking and slaying the vampiric bugbear lording it over goblins in the tunnels beneath the city. Good deal. The plot’s going to start heating up soon, so stay tuned to the Wiki for more.

Today I had a nice surprise (though it wasn’t my car working, which I would have liked). My Table-Top gaming review, Dungeons and Shadows, was actually very well received by the readers. It’s official: Some of them wouldn’t kill me if they met me. Soul Calibur III is on the block for Wednesday. I’m not sure what I’m doing for Friday yet. I have some PC games that I can do, but I’d like to wait until my new PC gets here (ostensibly tomorrow) before cracking into them. I *should* be able to review Call of Cthulu : Dark Corners of the Earth, but as an additional life complication we haven’t gotten any mail since last Thursday. It’s been a weird couple of days.

Non sequiturally, this man is an idiot. An Extreme Tech writer is complaining about his 3.2 ghz chip and GeForce 6800 graphics card are getting ‘long in the tooth’. To quote Brian: “wankers with no grasp of reality let alone useful advice on upgrading systems should not be allowed to call themselves advice columnists”. Considering my new PC is not even as beefy as his ‘old’ system, I think wanker is a very appropriate word. My old rig is about two years old, while his old rig is less than six months old. Yeesh.

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